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8th Grade Community Service

On January 18th, both eighth grade classes spent the morning at Snehasadan, an orphanage, in Andheri East. Students spent the morning playing games and doing activities with the children. Following are some comments by the participants about their experience on that day:

  1. After three whole weeks of grueling half yearly exams, all of us were looking forward to unwinding over the weekend. Everyone was so excited and we were eagerly waiting for this weekend. However, on Friday we were told that we had to go for community service and we had absolutely no choice. Everyone started to crib and whine because nobody wanted to wake up early on a Sunday morning, but this visit left us amazed and touched an all our whining dissipated as we realized what a special experience our school gave us.

    We visited an orphanage in Andheri; the boys went to Sneh Sadan – a shelter for boys and girls went to Sneha Sadan-a shelter for girls. When we first entered Sneha Sadan, we chatted with the girls to break the ice and we spoke about our hobbies and likes and dislikes. We began with a loud and enthusiastic game of antaakshari which was filled with the top Bollywood hits of the 90s and everyone sang their hearts out. As the adrenaline kicked in, we played an engaging game of throw ball and lagori. Some of us went inside with the younger girls to paint with them and since painting on paper was the usual we decided to paint each other’s faces too! Slowly, the room began to fill in as the rest of the girls came back inside. Within no time, everyone was highly engrossed in creating their masterpieces. Every single on of them created the most beautiful pieces of art and a girl named Sonali made the most innovative card I’ve ever seen. Since we liked it so much, she gifted it to us! As a token, we gave the girls t-shirts and other basic supplies. The smile and happiness on their faces warmed my heart and all of them were so thankful.

    We left Sneha Sadan with a new perspective and though. The bond we formed with the girls at the shelter was unforgettable and one of a kind. Early Sunday mornings aren’t a bad thing after all. This visit was heart warming and left us all touched. -Zobia Alam 8A

  2. We were a little upset as our exams had just gotten over and we had to go to Andheri on a Sunday morning, but our mood changed when we put a big smile on their faces. Playing housie was a lot of fun, but everyone loves football. We had a great time playing football. We then played a game called 'lagori'. It was a game I had never heard of before but turned out to be lots of fun. - Dhruv Javeri 8B

  3. Despite ABWA planning various trips for charity workshops, this by far has been one of the most fascinating and the most enjoyable yet. When walking into the orphanage we were greeted by warm greetings. Despite living in a small house to fit 21 orphans, they still enjoyed, played, and helped to work. There was a vast difference in the age groups from smallest being in grade 4 and eldest either in the 12th or completed or having to drop out at the age of 18 as stated by the government. However, they still got along with each other.

    Today we learned about how fortunate we are compared to the orphans. However, they are gifted with happiness, intendance and sports. From all the orphans, we found out that all 21 help in the kitchen showing great maturity, discipline and caring hearts when we students in the 8th, majority haven't helped much or at all, stepped foot in the kitchen except for getting food from either the fridge microwave.

    The orphans were not rude nor lazy instead were proactive, caring and loved playing with new people. The chores which they do all by themselves are phenomenal . They take care of 2 dogs,6 turtles, one chicken, rooster, rabbits, many brads and many more all by themselves without the caretakers. Also by decorating the whole house and Christmas cradle all by themselves independently whereas  we students are often interdependent for various tasks or jobs.

So we have taken many memories from this experience and locked them into a treasure box so we can never miss the extraordinary trip. -Vansh Shah 8A

Report by: Carrie Udeshi