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BSE Visit – Understanding the markets YOUNG!!!

BSE visit was very informative and exciting. The students were frisked to enter the high security building. They were lead into the convention center, that earlier served as the ‘Ring area’. Students were excited to listen how trading happened in the ‘outcry’ era and marveled to listen how so many so many transactions got executed in one room; and that too with sign language and some shouting and screaming. The faculty explained how transactions are done in this online era and how the overall markets functioned. The students asked some interesting questions related to the indices, economy and trading!! It truly turned to be highly informative visit. They could understand many textual concepts much better now. After playing the ‘Stock Exchange’ game in class they could understand the fluctuations and enjoyed watching the huge screen outside the BSE building, trying to read share prices. The trip ended with a photograph by the ’BULL’ and after understanding the significance of it, they truly wanted to trade in the BULLISH market. They all wished that they had more time there.

Report by: Student Name and Class – Student report to follow