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Fete and Dance Marathon 2015

This year, 20th November was an important day for our school. We were able to pull off 3 events with great success! We had our customary Fete, the Dance Marathon and a new addition, the Artwalk.

Who ever thought that Marvel Superheroes, Disney Princesses and DC Superheroes would all be under the same roof? Well we made it happen, this year at our school fete, Kryptonite. This year we had games such as Superhero Pong and the Ice Challenge with Aquaman. We also had many students dressed up in various superhero costumes to help bring out this theme! The children had a chance to click pictures with these superheroes and we also had a photo booth for them!
However, the highlight this year was Laser Tag! Our school is one of the first to have arranged a laser tag arena for a fete, and it created a lot of noise at the school. We had arranged a competition this year, where the team who pledges the highest amount of money for the dance marathon, will get one round of laser tag free. Whenever anyone would go down to play, they would always have to wait in line, simply because everyone wanted to play! We had large crowds coming in and it was amazing to see everyone having a good time and enjoying our Fete.

Furthermore, the Dance Marathon was a huge success this year! Students from EVERY grade pledged, which is wonderful since all the money that has been raised is for providing education to all and the welfare of animals, 2 very important initiatives. There were always people dancing inside the auditorium, which was great as this gives the true essence of a marathon! It was lovely to see how everyone took part in our Dance Marathon and even encouraged their friends to come. We were also glad to also see that everyone was so enthusiastic about the event and they were all willing to spread the word!

Now for the ArtWalk. This was a new addition this year, and all the art students worked really hard to make sure that everything went smoothly. The school showcased 60 paintings that the students of our school had made themselves and a professional auctioneer auctioned them. It was a new and different event that our school decided to add to our fete and was another event that created a lot of buzz amongst the parents.

Overall, this year our Fete was very diverse and had a variety of activities taking place. There were so many events happening at once that it was just impossible for anyone to get bored! We hope that we can put an even better Fete, Dance Marathon and ArtWalk next year.