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Grade 4- Community service

Able Disabled All People Together, ‘ADAPT’  (formerly known as The Spastics Society of India) is India’s most noted non-profit and a Non-governmental organization (NGO), working for Neuro-Muscular and Developmental Disabilities. It was started on 2 October 1972 by Mithu Alur, to provide education and treatment services for the spastics (children suffering from cerebral palsy). An important lesson in their philosophy of service and professionalism is that it is crucial to make the handicapped, however rich or poor, feel emotionally and socially strong and make India a disability friendly country. Their vision is that each one of us should reach out to people who are different, to value, respect, and celebrate diversity. Their mission is to promote the values of philanthropy and altruism in our country through schools, colleges and companies.
To support this noble cause, here is how, the students of Grade 4 conducted their Community Service project:

* Monday, 4th September 2017
Grade 4 students put posters around the school to create awareness about the programme.

* Wednesday, 6th September 2017
Grade 4 students made announcement about their community service programme at the Junior School Assembly and also on the school P.A. system.

* Thursday, 7th September 2017
 Talk on ‘Accessibility for People with Special Needs’ by the class teachers followed by video link to orient and sensitize the students about the children at the ADAPT NGO

* Friday, 8th September 2017
Grade 4 students visited ADAPT. They started with a prayer, ‘Achutam Keshavam’ for the young children at ADAPT. They played musical instruments like keyboard, cello and guitar. They performed a skit on ‘Hansel and Gretel’. They enthralled the audience with their lively singing and dance performance. The children from adapt too joined them in the dance.

This was followed by drawing and colouring activity session. Students felt a sense of happiness in giving the goodies that they had enthusiastically taken for the children at ADAPT.