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Out of all the Model UN's in the country, HMUN India has been a truly different and fulfilling experience for me as it not only exposed me to a completely different way of Model UN, but gave me really valuable knowledge and experience which has been extremely beneficial. The high level of debate and diplomacy at HMUN is certainly something I do not get to see at other conferences, and our committee, the Iraq revolutionary command council truly lived up to the HMUN motto of 'development through diversity', as we engaged in four days of productive and interesting debate and brought peace to the Middle East of 1981 despite the various ethnic groups all fighting for their own personal agenda's. This committee also taught me that the need of my committee or country was much more than the need of my personal portfolio, and it was only through diplomacy and negotiations that we could move committee forward, and it wasn't raising your voice above everyone else, but reaching out to everyone else, collaborating and working together as a committee that could bring a solution to the plethora of crises committee faced. This taught us a valuable skill desperately needed in the real world, and if countries all around the globe could collaborate, negotiate and compromise the way we did, then maybe some day man would achieve his dream of uniting as a species and truly making the world a better place. 

Hriday Mehta
AS Level

It was an extremely enjoyable experience, with equal parts of learning and pleasure. The key factor to this trip was that it involved direct, experiential learning. It not only modeled the United Nations but more importantly, it provided applications to the real world. In a committee of 200 people, you have to learn to fight for a place; you have to learn to make the best out of every opportunity you get, and you have to learn to set yourself a stage in front of the world. It, in a way, models the real world and real challenges that you will face across your lifetime. This was my take on this trip, and I feel it was worth it. Aside from the learning aspect of the journey, it was also a really pleasurable experience. Everything was well organized, and it was a continuous experience right from the beginning. Overall, it was a great trip, one which would stay in my memory for a long time to come. 

Aaryan Dangi
Grade 9

According to me, HMUN India was a fantastic experience for all us which included lots of learning, exposure, and fun as well. Having such large committees, it was difficult to get recognised, but when we spoke, we learnt how to do it more confidently in front of so many people. We also learnt from others who might have been more experienced than us which will help us a lot in the future. Additionally,  we also got a chance to  interact with new people from various different parts of the country. 

Manya Bajaj
Grade 9

From the 12th to 15th of August I attended HMUN India at Hyderabad. For me it was an amazing experience as I learnt a lot of new skills and about myself too.  I was the Delegate of Oman in the Legal Committee. The committee's agenda was to attain a solution on global mass surveillance. Firstly, I felt my leadership skills became stronger not only through leading my bloc but also through attending the several panels which had very good speakers. 

Additionally, I also learnt how to compromise and reach diplomatic stances on situations. This was because of listening to several countries opposing stances on the problem and then reaching a solution which satisfies everyone. 

But I also found out how some people can be really selfish. This happened when my bloc merged with another bloc. And then they took all the credit for my work. It was really frustrating but it helped me realize that to be cautious before any decision.

But these 4 days were very educating, fun and helped me make loads of friends. In my opinion HMUN is an amazing platform for one to grow as a person and I hope I can go next year.

Ishaan Shah

HMUN India that was held in Hyderabad was a great oppurtunity for all the students of ABWA and certainly an unforgettable experience. This trip taught me how to become a good public speaker and it made me a better leader by developing my critical thinking skills while solving world problems. Being in a GA committee with 200 delegates, it wasn’t very easy to collaborate with everyone present, as every country faced different problems and thus the same solutions couldn’t be implied. So, in the start it was bit hard to come on common grounds, but eventually my committee passed a wonderful resolution that satisfied most of the delegates. Other than the learning out come, this trip was a great time for me to bond with my school friends, In my opinion, the highlight of the trip was the delegate dance that was held on the second last day. Overall, this trip was a lot of fun!   

Grade 9