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Harvard Model United Nations China

Reflections on the HMUN China

Aadya Parikh
Harvard Model United Nations China was an amazing experience as we were exposed to different kinds of topics with various delegates in each Committee. We looked at all the topics with so much depth and we posed solutions which could be effective in all countries. Speaking in front of 193 delegates was something I thought I would never be able to do and I felt a sense of fulfilment when I did it. I've become more confident and I've taken back a lot of memories and knowledge from this trip. 

Ishaan Thakker
HMUN China was amazing. The overall experience was fabulous, and I loved the fact that I got to meet and interact with so many people from different countries. The level of debate was very high, and I think that I have become a better MUNNer after HMUN China. I would love to go again next year. I am looking forward for HMUN Hyderabad.

Aman Choksi
My experience at Harvard Model United Nations China was nothing short of a thrill. MUNning at such high levels, getting a glimpse of the vast issues our world faces today, and most important meeting new people from all over the world were all a part of the scintillating experience. The overall experience has boosted my confidence massively and I returned with fond memories and an incredible exposure. I look forward to going back the next year.

Rayhaan Jiwani
Although I didn't win an award, that's not it. I still came back home with all the experiences, skill and memories from this MUN and the trip to China. I have been to Beijing before but this time I climbed 230 more steps on the Great Wall than I did last time. A second trip did refresh my memories and exposed me to Chinese culture a little more.

The Conference was an amazing experience which enhanced my lobbying, public speaking and paperwork skill and has definitely helped m a TON for future MUNs. I've definitely come a long way since my first MUN and this time I actually made my own bloc and working paper.