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ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition

Aaryan Dangi, Aditya Jain, Ayushi Gianchandani, Pritish Roy, Shanay Mehta and Sneha Kumar of Aditya Birla World Academy took part in ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition held in Wengen, Switzerland from 07 – 09 April 2016.

There were 41 participating teams from 23 International Schools around Europe and beyond.

In the formal competition one of our teams secured the fifth position, missing the fourth position by 1 mark and third position by 8 marks. Whereas the other team secured the twentieth position.

It is commendable that our students did so well in their very first attempt of taking part in an International Mathematics Competition of this level and stature.

We congratulate them for their effort and skills. We will endeavor for greater success in the coming years.

Event Co-ordinator: HOF Mathematics Mr. Prodipta Hore

Team Coach: Ms.Mrudangi Khushrushai