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Inter House ART ICT competition

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

This year the 2015 art competition was collaborated with the green cell and the IT department which not only helped create spectacular pieces of art mirroring what the students felt but also made others perceive the environmental problems that still exist midst us.

Firstly, a Mascot was designed for the green cell, signifying the environment friendly ideology of the school. The mascot is named “naturebot” which is a nature’s robot. It signifies the nature winning over technology as well as other waste. The Mascot summed up the purpose of the green cell and articulated all the views in a friendly manner and therefore it was included in all the posters made by the students.

All the grades from 6th to 12th were given opportunities to express their views on topics ranging from water and food wastage to e-waste. Two teams, the art and IT worked efficiently together creating remarkable posters using art techniques like Impressionism, Dadaism and optical illusion along with their editing skills. As a result of this the posters made were extremely well thought of and highlighted the problems concerning wastage effectively as well as proposed the possible solutions.

This whole process switched on our thinking bulbs and made us more aware. The message of recycle, reuse and reduce was reinforced by the posters and the catchy but thought provoking slogans.

Report by: Oshin Chawla Grade 10