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Representative of U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai & USIEF - Visit

Orientation session conducted by Consular representative Mr. Matthew Williger & USIEF representative Mr. Pranav for Students of 11th Grade both IBDP and A Level, interested in applying to USA. Parents and students attended this session in large number.

The session started with welcoming Mr. Matthew (Representative of US Consulate) - first-tour officer from Cleveland, Ohio. He gave an engrossing presentation on procedure/steps for US visa application.

Later there was an engaging presentation on US universities, by Mr. Pranav who represented USIEF - a bi-national Fullbright Commission and Education USA Advising Center, an only official source for Higher Education in the U.S., affiliated with the U.S. Department of State, of Education & Cultural Affairs (ECA) that provides accurate, comprehensive and current information and guidance.

Dr. Sonia Soni also did an interesting session on Holistic Admission Process. The event ended after an interactive session with M/s. Matthew and Pranab. This interactive session provided students and parents with an overview of the US visa requirements and also detailed information needed to make a university applications. Some useful tips were given to help students to ensure smooth US visa application.

Lots of questions were asked by the parent and the students which were promptly answered by M/s. Matthew, Pranab and Sonia. It was a house-full session hosted by Dr. Sonia Soni. conclaves like this.