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ABWA Auditorium

Yet again it was the time of the year when the teachers could showcase their funny side and show the children the crazy streak in them.  Yes! It was the Children’s Day Celebration. 
The teachers at ABWA dressed up quirkily in support of the theme of the celebration which was to dress up as ‘crazily brilliant’ or be ‘brilliantly crazy’!!

The excitement in the air was high with the teachers dressed up as Captain Hook, bunny rabbit, belle dancer,…

A show was arranged for the students in the auditorium which started with a skit titled ‘ The case of magic potion’.  The story revolved around CID personnel trying to find out the possible magic potion given to the students in the school which made them score high and become world toppers and country toppers.  There were humorous twists and turns in the skit which left the students laughing in splits.  There was a fashion show with a quirky twist and a dance presentation and the show culminated with a medley of songs from the 70s to the 2000s rendered by the teachers along with a dance for each song also presented by teachers.

After the skit, students proceeded towards venues allotted to each grade where they participated in fun games conceived and arranged by teachers.  Students enjoyed these thoroughly and participated in each game with carefree enthusiasm.

There was a feeling of joy and happiness all around as the children left school for home…