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Annual concert Senior school

This academic year's (2015) annual concert was centred around the theme of fatherhood. "But I love you Daddy" is a title that will move us all, yet, the superb handling of the theme was amazing. The beautiful bond between a daughter and her father was portrayed using a musical set around an Indian fair-'a mela'.

The audience wasn't only entertained by the exceptional acting skills but was enthralled bythe authentic colours of the mela including the 'maut ka kuan', the tight rope walkers, the puppet shows and the captivating dance of the 'Banjaaras'. It was fascinating to see how the students were able to portray both, the roles of the parent and child. This allowed us to understand the roller coaster called "growing up" better.

The concert incorporated many interesting points such as humour, conflict, friendship and compassion. It also gave us a glimpse of the various difficulties experienced with lack of education and poverty. The play ended on a happy note with the reunion of the father and the daughter after a long day of twists and turns with promises of a brighter future for everyone.

"The blend of drama, music and dance was deft; the grace and confidence of the students was winning; the vibrant colours and rhythmic dances were catchy; the soloists and the group singers were soulful and tuneful; the simplicity and humour was heart-warming; the performances were natural and effortless ….All in all, simply awesome!"

--- Aanshi Gupta,Aditi Raman,Divina Tejwani Grade 11 IB