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Blue Skies - Laos, Grade 11 - IB section

The ‘Blue Skies’ trip isn’t about how many activities you do or how much time you spend in a culture different from yours; it is about what you learn from doing so. Hence, instead of writing about this incredibly enriching experience from one perspective, I asked everyone from grade 11, IBDP, to send in their biggest learning from this trip.

The editorial team presents to you, “Lessons from Laos”.

“I learnt how to be more patient. Patient with situations, patient with people and above all, patient with myself. I realized that it is imperative, to give time, time.” — Aanshi Gupta

“I think this trip was especially great for us students because simultaneously we got to learn more about ourselves through these various activities by living outside our comfort zones in the village with bare necessities. But the trip was also great as we deeply emerged ourselves into Lao culture and we learned so much about a country we had very little knowledge of.” — Shivaan Shah

“I learnt a lot of things from this trip to Laos. 
Firstly, I learnt not to complain however bad the situation is…... Life’s a box of chocolates and you never know which one you’re going to get. So you should enjoy the surprises you encounter and stop cribbing and complaining as it spreads negative vibes. 

I got to experience things that I had never experienced before….
This trip made me realize how important it is to write a diary…and capture all those precious moments. 
I developed a ‘GO FOR IT’ attitude on this trip! I learnt how important it is to grab opportunities that come your way. 

Most importantly you should reflect on the moments and let them sink in because all that matters is what makes you a better person, And I’m sure this trip brought about a drastic change in the way I think….”
— Sanika Tikle

“In Laos, I learned how to adapt to new situations and immerse myself in a completely different culture. In an exercise performed on the last day, I decided that I would start writing more and taking more pictures to capture and remember the special moments, and I would stop whining about my problems, because I realized how small and insignificant they really are. I learned how to truly appreciate what I have.”
— Mahika Jogani

“The Laos Blue Skies trip taught me that change is not always a bad thing and sometimes you have to let go of some things from the past to enjoy the present.
Also everything is awesome and everything is cool when you're a part of a team.” — Aashay Parikh

“While in Laos I realized that living where we do, and being in the situations that we all are in we forget to find joy in simple things. We're always so caught up with the future we forget that it doesn't even exist yet. We forget to live just for the sake of life.” — Divina Tejwani

“Lesson: to value what we have, and understand the struggles of others in their daily lives (from the school building)” — Shainil Kothari

“That everyone has their own meaning of satisfaction in life.” — Yug Bhansali

“Laos, was an amazing trip and a once in a life time experience. We learnt to respect and adapt to a different culture, lived the village life for a day but also had loads of fun with adventure activities. All in all it was the best one week filled with experience, fun and lessons which I will carry for a lifetime.” — Sakinah Master

“I learnt how to value even the smallest things in life and I learnt the importance of culture.” — Rohan Raju

‘In Laos I learnt to appreciate and be forever grateful for all that I have got, to be humble and to give back to society. I learnt to enjoy and observe nature around me.” — Shanay Shroff

“Lesson from Laos: explore and travel, discover new places and look away from the lens of phones and cameras Also: don't complain, even an unpleasant experience seems a lot more pleasant if you don't complain about it.” — Aditi Raman

“I learned to appreciate what I have, and to make the best of any situation. Rather than complaining about something, it's better to just go with the flow: it makes for a happier and more eventful life.” — Shoumik Chowdhury

“Laos taught me to be more tolerant and respectful towards others.” — Yash Sacheti

“How to adapt to unfamiliar living conditions and we got to experience the local culture." — Aastha Kanugo

"I learnt how to adjust and adapt and make do with what I had." — Sahil Jain

"Teamwork is everything." — Arnav Gupta

I learnt about their culture and way of living, and their food. — Gautam Gala

“I learned to adjust to any kind of situation- be it the cold or living in a small house. Because trying out new and different things is what makes life fun and exciting.” — Aashna Shah

“I learnt to appreciate another culture with all its positives and negatives. I also learnt to adjust rather than complain.” — Padmaja Kothari

“I learnt that you don’t need much to survive. I realized that my phone is a mere distraction from the ‘real world’. I got time to go on walks alone and stuff so that helped me reflect on life” — Siddhant Soni

Laos was in conclusion an experience unto itself….that gave us memories to last a lifetime.

Report compiled by: Aanshi Gupta, 11 A IBDP