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Gr 11 AS - Business Field Trip - Reliance Fresh

On the 27th of september, the Business students of the 11th grade (AS) of ABWA paid a visit to a local supermarket, Reliance Fresh. This experience was undoubtedly one of the most informative and educational one I've ever attended. It presented us with an opportunity to witness how actual businesses function, the kind of strategies they use, and the effect of these strategies on the customer. 

The very first activity that we performed out there was the comparison of prices of substitute goods. This was done by selecting 5 different businesses selling similar goods. We then noted down their prices, and tried to deduce the pricing strategies adopted by each of those 5 business. To my surprise, the prices of all the 5 goods were in the range of Rs.125-130. This indicated that the market was extremely competitive, and thus all the five business had adopted a competitive pricing strategy. 

Next, we studied the type and effectiveness of the promotion undertaken by those 5 businesses. We also saw how colour schemes played an important role in the branding of products. We then came across several psychological aspects like pricing products at 99 rupees to decieve the consumers into thinking its priced reasonably. To conclude, this trip was extrememly informative and enjoyable and thus we look forward to such trips in the future. We would like to give a special vote of thanks to Miss Payal for taking us out of the classroom aura and making our business classes so much more fun and interesting. Thank you!

— Simoni Shah