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Children's Day Celebration - Juniors

This year the Children's Day Celebration took place soon after the Learners came back to School from their hectic Diwali holidays.

Perfect timing to remind them that fun continues to foster in School as well...

So, early in the morning, as the Students started trickling in, they were whisked into their auditorium and were asked to sit in their respective places.

The early chirpy voice of our Western Music teacher warmed them up to what was coming next, waking the little ones up from their slumber.

Before the Children knew it, they found themselves participating in playing some exciting games designed specially by their Class Teachers. This definitely excited the Learners a lot.

Slowly, but surely, they all got into the groove and started to feel like a sense of occasion was upon them. Yes, this was a day we dedicated especially for them. What they were most definitely not expecting, was what followed next...

A short musical was put on by the Teachers, where what was displayed would never- ever be forgotten by the Children.

A reversal of roles were bravely enacted by the Teachers, where all the male teachers dressed up as females in saris, chaniya cholis and skirts, while all the female teachers were dressed up in shirts, pants and ties. The little details like makeup, wigs and jewellery were adorned by all performers to make it even more exciting for our Students. Short skits were enacted in between the song and dance sequences and the Children enjoyed every bit of the act with bouts of laughter and applause handed out generously for their Teachers on stage.

The show ended with the Teachers making all the Children in the audience dance and sing their hearts out this Children's Day.

Yes, there is no end we will go to, just to bring a smile on our Learners!