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Community Service Grade 10 A ​

Visit to a balwadi

As part of the Community Service this year, Grade 10 students visited a Balwadi at Chunabhatti.

The Balwadi provided India's 3-5 year-olds with a place and programme for learning. In the cities, children from low-income families often don't have access to private schools.

Balwadis bring preschool to children and families who need it the most. So there's no rent expense and the location is always convenient for the kids.

We reached the Chunabhatti center at around 1:15 pm. There were approximately 20-25 children in the classroom which was about 300 sq feet in size. The balwadi classes help build the social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills of the children which can help them adjust to the school environment later on.

Initially when we entered the class, a few of the kids were a bit nervous and frightened, some even started crying looking at us. But within a short time, they mingled with us. We played a variety of games with them like book balancing, football etc. The kids sang songs along with their teachers.

Around 2:40pm, it was time for lunch and the kids happily had the food items which we had taken for them. Then at about 3 O' clock it was time to leave. We bid them farewell and thanked the staff for their care and concern for the little ones.

It was a wonderful experience and all of us really enjoyed our time with the kids. We hope to visit such places again in the future.