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Creativity Olympiad 2017-18

Our school took part in the Creativity Olympiad 2017-18. The competition was divided into three rounds. The first round was held in the school premises itself, the second one was conducted in a banquet hall near Goregaon, Mumbai and the third, and the last round was held in Bangalore which was the finale.

Sixteen students from the school qualified for the Creativity Olympiad - The EREHWON Challenge 2017, held at Bangalore on 13th January 2018.

In total, there were 120 students from 28 schools across 16 cities and towns from 9 states participating in the final round. ABWA shone bright in the various rounds for different age groups throughout the competition. Most of the participating students from ABWA secured ranks within top 10 in their respective categories.

Results of  KIDOVATORS Creativity Olympiad - The EREHWON Challenge 2017
Name of the student Grade Category of the Award
Advika Jain 4 All India Rank 7 
Reid Kaikini 4 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 3 
Vidhi Jain 4 All India Rank 6
Vivaan Shetty 5 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 2
Mikhail Shah 5 All India Rank 6
Veer Kanani 5 All India Rank 7 
Ishwara Dani 5 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 1 
Ishaan Makharia 5 All India Rank 5 
Saanvii Dak 5 All India Rank 12 
Hrishab Shah 6 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 2 
Aneesh Kumar 6 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 1 
Uday Makharia 7 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 2 
Adhya Bhonsle 9 All India Rank 8 
Chiara Jhaveri 9 All India Rank 6 
Aditi Mody 9 All India Rank 9 
Vishakha Shah 9 Best Presentation Award: All India Rank 4 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we also bagged the award for the "Best Teacher in-charge" and the most significant of all “Best School Award"

This was truly the best day ever! We rejoiced in our glory and the celebrations started as soon as we landed in Mumbai.