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Educational tour grade 10 - Amritsar and Dalhousie

The students of Grade 10 visited Amritsar and Dalhousie for their educational tour from 27th January - 31st January 2016. The trip for five days was exhilarating and comparatively a long one. As we landed in Amritsar, the chilling weather was different and a change from the sweltering heat of Mumbai was a much awaited one at that moment! After an authentic and delicious Punjabi lunch at a hotel in Amritsar, we geared ourselves in warm clothing and took off to spectate the parade of pride at Wagah Border.

The flag lowering ceremony and closing of the gates was performed with fascinating pomp. Each and every one of us could feel the patriotic fervour amongst the crowd and in unison we enthusiastically cheered ‘Bharat Maata ki jai!’. We were amazed at seeing the tall soldiers in turbans march with their foot reaching up to their head. The brilliant focus, spirit and stature they maintained during the blustering parade was commendable. Before the ceremony began, the girls danced with a lot of zeal to the patriotic music and we were reluctant to leave the aura of nationalism and excitement. Intrigued, most of us were sceptically gazing at the Pakistani side and found it hard to believe that a few steps ahead would mean; that one would be in Pakistan!

Followed by some entertainment and a disco night, we departed for Dalhousie early next morning. Though, indeed it was an enjoyable five hour bus ride, the sharp turns of the ‘ghats’ got us fatigued and we wanted a light schedule for the rest of the day. Agreeing to our demands, the teachers took us to Mall road wherein we indulged in some shopping and satisfied our growling stomachs with smouldering momos. We trekked through the lush green mountains of Dalhousie and on our walk back to the hotel; we visited a beautiful Church and took in the tranquillity.

Dalhousie was certainly freezing (the temperature was below -3 degree Celsius) and each of us was covered in thick jackets and scarves all throughout. We were delighted to discover that this day; we would be excursing to the snow point for adrenaline-rushing adventure activities and there was a possibility that it would snow. Reaching the location, all of us were mind-blown and thrilled looking at the spectacular panorama. We were given the opportunity to zip-line across a short distance between two mountains peaked with snow. There was also rappelling down a steep majestic mountain which was quite challenging and only a few of us ended up doing it. Excitedly, the other bunch of us who did not do the activities were gathered around a bonfire in an eager wait for the snowfall. Unfortunately, it was not our day and it did not end up snowing. So without wasting time we proceeded to Khajjiar, the Switzerland of India to take pleasure of the natural beauty. We clicked loads of pictures in the exotic vast expanse of green meadows and had a great time lazing around.

Returning to the hotel, it was decided that we would be spending the rest of the day there. We had a blast playing table tennis, fuse ball and carom in the games room of the hotel. After the harsh cold of Dalhousie, Amritsar seemed warm and thus we headed back, to view the Golden Temple at night. The Golden Temple was a place of great beauty and sublime peacefulness. We were fortunate to visit this place of worship twice, at night and in the morning. The enchanting hymns chanted to the exquisite accompaniment of flutes, drums and stringed instruments induced a delicate yet powerful state of trance for us. We felt invigorated and much more cheerful. The last destination we toured during this bustling trip was Jallianwala Bagh. Glimpsing back into rich Indian history and understanding the sacrifices made, we headed off to the airport. We were all so attached to our last trip that none of us wanted to leave. We detested the fact that we would have to get back to our monotonous routine and start preparing for prelims. It was a memorable and certainly one of our best trips!