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Skeletal framework of The Internship Programme at ABWA

Preparation before internship begins:

Pupils carry out a detailed initial study of the company. This would include drawing up a Business Plan. This plan would include a detailed study of the company: its history, its organizational structure, its market status etc. Pupils would also carry out a SWOT analysis

Pupils will need to complete the above by the month of November

They would then write out a formal application to the company applying for the post of an intern (This could be one of the writing skills modules of the CEP program)
An interview panel would be set up in school, comprising of the subject teacher, the internship coordinator, the A Level coordinator and if possible a member of the ABG group (January)
Students would write an SOP explaining his reasons for doing the internship. The company at its end would provide details of the mentor, duration of the internship, outline of the nature of work to be conducted and expectations from the intern. (February)

Expected Outcomes:
Pupils would complete a Work Report at the end of the 3 week internship period. This Work Report is a piece of reflecting writing throwing light upon aspects such as:


What have I done on the job?



What have I learnt on the job?



What more could I have learnt?


Ethics in Business: reflection on the work culture
The above work report would be submitted to the mentor with a technical presentation. This technical presentation must include data collected. The data collected must also be analyzed.  The mentor will discuss the same with the intern to ascertain the quality of the work / effort put in by the intern during his/her period of internship
Based on the above the mentor would give the intern a written feedback with a special comment

The above would be documented and compiled into the student’s portfolio