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French Guest Speaker

On Friday 26 February the French students of grade 11 and 10 had the opportunity of meeting Ms. Amrita Bhandari and her family for a small interactive session. The students of grade 11 are currently studying the topic of ‘migration’ so meeting her was interesting and informative. This is because Ms. Amrita is born and brought up in France however has Indian origins as her farther is Punjabi. The story of how her parents met is quite interesting as her farther was in France through an educational grant and met her mother while studying there and then permanently shifted.

Ms. Amrita currently works with the French school of Bombay. When we heard her story and knew she was coming to visit us especially with her parents we were extremely excited.

The students of grade 11 prepared a list of questions to ask her ranging from which cuisine she prefers to where she prefers staying as she has origins in both cultures, Indian and French. A highlight of the interaction was that it was completely in French. We did not speak a word in English and I was quite impressed and a little shocked that we understood everything they were saying as their accent and pace was quite typical of those of the Frenchmen. It gave me confidence in the language I’m learning and made all of us proud. All thanks to Ms. Hema and Ms. Mahroz the French teachers!

Ms. Amrita also complimented the level of French we knew and was quite impressed by the way we spoke.
All in all the interaction was not only informative and made us learn a little more about the topic and gave us an insight to Ms. Amrita’s interesting mixed up life with two cultures but also helped improve our language!

— Sakinah Master