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Grade 1 Community Service Projects

Activity 1:
It is a known fact that due to the fast depletion of resources, the need to save electricity has become of paramount importance. The students of Grade 1 imbibed this need and took it upon themselves to save electricity and spread knowledge about conserving the same. Hence, over a period of three days, on Tuesday 19th December, Wednesday, 20th December and Thursday, 21st December 2017, these children responsibly carried out the ‘Batti Bandh’ drive and went all over the school premises along with their teachers, from class to class switching off lights, fans and other appliances that consume electricity. They also successfully educated their peers about the need to do so.

Activity 2:
India discards around 0.6 million tons of plastic waste into the oceans causing a multitude of problems. To help reduce this wastage, the students of Grade 1 undertook the ‘Bottle Recycling Drive’. They collected plastic bottles from school for over a week and then visited the Mumbai Central Railway Station on Monday, 18th December to personally deposit the plastic bottles in the bottle recycling machine installed by the Wockhadt Foundation.