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Grade 6 edu tour - Panchgani

The Grade 6 Edutour to Panchgani was indeed fun and adventurous with activities such as rock climbing, rapelling, caving, zip lining and rope course. Many of us hadn’t performed these activities before so we listened carefully to the techniques explained by the resource people, who took great care and made it 100% safe for us.

It was an equally exciting and unforgettable experience for many students as they scaled the 30 ft rock face with great difficulty using techniques told to them before climbing. The feeling of triumph on every face was indeed priceless.

Strawberry picking was another highlight of this trip where we picked fresh strawberries from a farm and ate them as we were picking them. The joy of examining the berries, gently picking them and tossing them into the mouth was another first for many of us. Living in tents with friends was also an experience that was unique to this trip.

The learnings from this Edutour are many, the most important being ‘exploration of self’ out of the comfort zone. We have all returned with a fresh and rich stock of new memories from this tour.
Report by: Devansh Nisar, Grade 6 A

From 27th Jan to 30th our school planned an adventurous trip to Panchgini where we stayed in tents. There were many activities such as strawberry picking, rock climbing, Burma Bridge, zip lining, obstacle courses, cave walk and some indoor games which included the skill of coordination and teamwork. I was really happy to overcome my fear of rappelling. I had acrophobia (fear of heights), so the instructors encouraged me by giving me a pep talk. I didn’t like the obstacle course as much as the other activities because it wasn’t challenging enough and that daring. I had done this a couple of times before in Mumbai.

The trip changed my thoughts about my peers. It made me understand that one shouldn’t judge people by their looks but from within. I became more confident and enthusiastic about doing activities and adventurous activities. In Mumbai I wouldn’t walk a lot but on this trip I did. I also learnt to listen intently while someone was talking. During strawberry picking, I gained knowledge about strawberry farming.

I was able to explore Panchgini through the night walk and nature trails. There is so much more greenery here as compared to Mumbai. The sunset, sunrise, forest, table top views are unforgettable. It was astonishing to see so many stars at night as there was no light nor pollution in that area. It was my first trip where I understood that nature was better than urbanization. Man is stupid to not understand how precious nature is.

Report: Ms. Meera