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Grade - 7 edu tour - Garud Machi

On the morning of 27th January 2016, a bunch of 7th grade were speedily hustled into two large buses. Some of us were still sleepy from the previous night’s last-minute packing. Others could barely sit still with excitement. But the bus rode on, and minus the few stops for eating and finding toilets, we got to Garudmachi within a few smooth hours.

On arrival, tired and hungry, we were greeted with lunch. After eating, we were shown our rooms. We wandered inside, in our groups of 3 and 4, and freshened up a little. Later that afternoon, we went outside for some invigorating icebreakers, team-building activities and in the evening, we were embraced with hot chocolate, tea and coffee. A couple of hours later, we went star-gazing. Everyone loved it, as the stars were breathtaking; they could leave you spellbound. We returned to the resort, ate our dinner and wearily trudged back to our rooms.

Day 2 started with a loud wake-up call, milk and then breakfast. We were all geared up for an adventurous day. We went rock-climbing, rappelling and even did a dynamic obstacle course. After getting back to the resort, completely fatigued, we were divided into 2 groups, one camping that night, and one camping the next. Camping was an unforgettable experience – setting up our tents, roasting marshmallows, cooking our dinner and late night conversations in our tents. It was on that note, that we ended our second day.

After getting back to the resort, safe and sound, the whole grade left for kayaking. It was absolutely thrilling. Some of us even made rafts and went rafting. Once back in the resort, we ate our lunch and headed back to our rooms for long showers. Following an afternoon of more team-building games, and courageously crossed the Burma Bridge, we said our goodbyes to the other camping group. While they camped, we had free time in the resort. Some played football outside, others played games inside their rooms. We roasted a few more marshmallows, had a hearty dinner and got back to our respective rooms.

Our final day began with breakfast and a bus drive. We were heading to our trekking destination.  For a couple of hours we were just walking through forests, steep slopes, rocky areas and grassy land, until we reached the other side, where we boarded the bus and got back to the resort. After lunch and packing our bags, we were finally able to conclude our stay at Garudmachi. We hopped into the buses, and our long ride back home began. Little did we know that our journey was going to be 7 hours long! We stopped at McDonald’s for a while, carefully placing our orders and impatiently waiting for them to arrive. An hour and a half later, we were back in Mumbai. We walked through the school gates, flung our arms around our parents, and departed home with our suitcases, secretly wishing our stay at Garudmachi could have been a tad longer. But the memories and incredible events that happened over those 4 days will always be remembered and cherished.

Report by: Ishika Bhuskute and Barkha Seth