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Edu tour grade 8 - Dandeli

The students of Grade 8 visited Dandeli in January 2016 as part of the EduTour. Their four day itinerary was carefully designed specifically for students with the objective of educating them about eco-tourism, Indian wildlife in Western Ghats, culture, and history, coupled with exploration and adventure activities.

Accompanied by their class teachers, the students were met by the tour operators, Jungle Lore, at the domestic airport in Mumbai from where students and teachers flew to Goa. From Goa the trip to Dandeli was a 6 hour busride away. Having arrived at their destination late into the night, the exhausted students made their way towards their beautifully laid out tents on the river front. Fully furnished with modern amenities, these tents were home to numerous bonding sessions between students of both sections of the class.

During the next few days the students went white water rafting in the Kali rapids, river crossing, canoeing and coracle riding. “I really enjoyed the rafting,” said one student, “I wish could have gone a second time.” In fact this seemed to be the general response to not just the rafting but the other outdoor activities, as well. The students enthusiastically trekked to the Cavala Caves, and the Syntheri Rock Falls. They were also fortunate enough to catch sight of a few rare birds and animals on the Jungle Safari. In the evenings they enjoyed campfires, and finally on the last day they learnt to build a tent of their own. It was with great reluctance that they finally returned home on Saturday evening.  Said one student, “It was too short a trip! Why do we have to come back so soon?”

When asked if there were any improvements they felt could have been made, they responded with sincere honest feedback. “Bananas,” said one young lady. “They needed to have more bananas. I ate twelve in one go and they were delicious.”

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