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Grade 9 : Community Service - Satpura

The Edutour to Satpura, Madhya Pradesh for the grade 9 students was a fantastic and we had an enriching experience. We not only enjoyed the wildlife but also enjoyed the camping and community service and cherish all the lovely experiences of the place. We enjoyed each and every activity from setting up a toy bank, explaining the educational games, playing local games with the village school kids and installing the smokeless chulhas.

It was a life time experience. The tour operators had put in great effort to make the community service activities fun, engaging and safe for us. We will surely cherish the special moments captured in the photos for a long time to come.

We would like to thank all for all the effort and enthusiasm that was taken by the staff who accompanied us on the trip.

Report by: Student Name and Class
Devam Gandhi, Hriday Mehta, Deborsee Hore, Yavya Jain, Manav Shah, Soumya Karwa