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ICT Competition - 2017

The Inter-house ICT Competition was organized in our school on the 10th of August 2017. The event was divided into three groups for students of different grades. Each house had a team of 4 students for each round.

The first round was for students from grade 6, 7 and 8 who had to make a short film using Windows Movie Maker. The students were provided a single laptop, a few multimedia files and a single laptop. They were given the theme ‘My School’ and had to make a video which was 90-120 seconds in length and could use a camera to shoot still images around the school. Each team made innovative and unique films showcasing all the fun experiences they have in school.

The second round was a game design using Scratch 2.0, a 2D Animation Software. Their task was to make a maze and make it as creative as possible. The students made games on different themes like cleanliness, emojis and other unique ideas and even added features like score tabulation and increasing difficulty.

The third round was a Java competition in which the participants were given five programming problems to solve without internet access. The problems were in increasing difficulty and each program was worth a specified number of points. All the events were for 80 minutes each.

At the end of the competition, all the teams had to present their work in front of the entire school and the judges in the school auditorium. Marks were allotted for presentation, originality, creativity and documentation along with the work they had done. The judges viewed the presentations and asked the participants questions about their presentations. It was a truly unique and interesting competition which gave each participant an opportunity to expand their thinking and creativity skills.

Akanksha Chokshi
IBDP Grade 11