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In quest 2015 - Inter school competition

"Our good lads win second prize at local science fair."

On the 30th of October, two grade 11 students - Shoumik Chowdhury, from the IB, and Aman Didwania, from the A-Levels – represented our school at the "In Quest 2015" an Interschool Science and Technology Fair held at the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. The fair was themed 'Light and Science', and aimed to temper a scientific curiosity in school students.

The topic of our project was " Using the properties of light to determine the presence of contaminants in water ".Our two months of work paid off in the end: overall, we won an award for our experiment, and were ranked 2nd place.

All of the judges and the visitors too seemed quite impressed with our exploration, saying that "we tabulated the data well", that "our experiment was interesting", and that "we could really develop this into something". This was because, in our presentations, we always mentioned the future aim of our project - to integrate the instruments into a portable kit that could be distributed to villages and/or communities. This would be able to measure the impurities in ground/lake/tap water and ascertain if it was safe to drink. In fact, we hope - in the coming months - to set up a prototype at school.

We hope that more of our students also come up with such innovative ideas. We also hope that there are more science competitions - more than any classroom lesson, they really capture the spirit and the pursuits of science. Report by: Student Name and Class Shoumik Shoudhury Gr.11 IB