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Infinity 2017 - Report

On the 21st and 22nd of January 2017, The Aditya Birla World Academy hosted ‘Infinity’, a competitive mathematical league, with the purpose of evoking interest and enthusiasm in the field of mathematics amongst students of Grade 11 and 12. Twenty-four schools all over India battled their way to be math champions as they took part in various stimulating math events over the two days.

Dr. James Tanton, Dr. Inder Kumar Rana, Dr. Chandrashekar Khare and Dr. Sharan Gopal were special guests for the event. They actively participated by sharing insightful knowledge on mathematics, making ‘Infinity 2017’ all the more successful.

Infinity kicked off with a workshop ‘Exploding Dots’ conducted by Dr. James Tanton for all the participating schools. It was the perfect and most exciting start to the event. Students were in awe as Dr. Tanton interactively explained the reasons for adhering to conventions in mathematical operations ranging from division to algebra. Many were also fascinated with the international mathematics salute that he entertained the audience with.

Followed by this, participants were divided into different teams and they participated in a treasure hunt all over the school. Participants were on their feet, going up and down the campus as they competed amongst each other to correctly solve the interesting questions first. Day one ended with students tired after the treasure hunt as well as even more geared for the day to come.

Day two began with the individual round wherein all participants competed amongst each other. It was the most challenging round of the event. While some participants walked out of the room with confidence, majority seemed to be truly challenged and intrigued.

Participants were eager to participate in the team round ‘Math Challengers’. Students were seen strategizing with their teams as they were handed over ten problems to solve together. This indeed enhanced their collaborative skills as team work was the key to success.

After two rounds of intense mathematics, on a lighter note the next round was ‘Enigma’ where eight teams were chosen for the presentation of their research paper. Schools came up with unimaginable ideas on the topic “Mathematics in one perspective is the science of infinity”. The judges were impressed with the brilliant ideas from Banach Tarski Paradox and Gabriel’s Trumpet to Hilbert’s Hotel. Participants articulated their ideas with immense detail and were able to tackle the questions asked effectively.

Next followed by a delicious lunch, participants were excited to face a unique and new round, ‘The Pass-back Round’, introduced this year. The three participants from a school team were seated behind each other. The question was broken down into three parts and each participant was expected to solve a part of the question and ‘pass’ it back to their team members who were expected to complete the question. Most students felt that this event was memorable as it was something different that they had never participated in before.

Lastly, Infinity ended with the most enjoyable event of the day, “Quizzitch” conducted by Dr. James Tanton. Top five teams based on their previous performance were invited to participate. There were various rounds to the quiz with the rapid fire being the most interesting.

Mrs. Neerja Birla, Chairperson of the Aditya Birla World Academy handed out the awards to the ‘math champions’ during the Awards and Closing Ceremony. Different schools won different events however, Jamnabhai Narsee International School bagged the ‘Champion Trophy’ of the year. Participants left with fond memories and thrilled faces at their stellar performance. Infinity 2017 was an event enjoyed by all and it wouldn’t have been a success without the hard work and efforts of the Aditya Birla World Academy Family.

By: Pritika Nayak

Grade: 11 IBDP