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Inter House Debate Competition - Seniors

The annual Inter house debate at ABWA is an event that every student and teacher enthusiastically looks forward to and this year too, the debate witnessed some keen competition. Held on Thursday the 28th of September for the students of Grades 9-12, the Auditorium was packed to a fully charged audience excited about which House would take home the title of the Best Team and Best Debater.

With the topic for the year being ‘As a political system democracy has failed’, the houses Kalidasa and Vivekananda argued as the proposition and Aryabhatta and Chanakya as the opposition.

The four speakers from each team spoke vehemently on the issue and came up with their perspectives regarding whether democracy as a system had failed or whether it was still valid in today’s times. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life to justify their stand.

The judges for the afternoon, Mr Sahil Jaffrey, an expert in the field of Theatre and Ms Smita Vyas, poet and writer were deeply engrossed in the ideas of the students, watching them putting forth their arguments vociferously.

After the speaker summaries, the judges and the audience posed their questions to the speakers.

Vivekananda and Kalidasa were awarded the best team and Aaryan Pandit was chosen as the best debater. Speaking on the occasion, the judges added that this was a wonderful opportunity for them and they learned a few new things about democracy as a system.

In the end our honourable principal Mrs Sinha gave the judges a token of appreciation and thanked them for taking out their valuable time to come and judge the Inter house Debate.

On that note, the debate concluded and yet again our ABWA students make us proud!