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Inter-house Spelling Bee Competition (Jrs.)

Good spellings facilitate communication and support reading. Spellings initiate students into the world of learning and act as a priceless tool for language development. Spelling bee competition infuses healthy competitive spirit and motivates the students to learn on their own without any compulsion. It helps them build self-confidence and reach their full potential. Competition makes the students realise that the process of learning is more important than the product i.e. the prize. To instil this thought amongst the learners an Inter House Spelling Bee Competition was organised for the students of the Junior School. This competition consisted of two rounds namely, Elimination and Final Round. Final round was held on Thursday, 11th May, 2017. Students participated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal thereby demonstrating team spirit and power of unity; making this competition a big success.

Grade 1A
First position Kahaan Shah — Chanakya House
Second position Arriana Dixit — Chanakya House
Third position Ishaan Bhartiya — Chanakya House

Grade 1B
First position Arshaan Krishnan — Vivekananda House
Second position Navya Shekhar — Chanakya House
Third position Aarav Chhabra — Aryabhatta House

Grade 2A
First position Shivaan Bhatia — Chanakya House
Second position Aaryan Tanna — Vivekananda House
Third position Lavanya Gupta — Kalidasa House

Grade 2B
First position Ahaan Dangi — Vivekananda House
Second position Supriya Hemchand — Aryabhatta House
Third position Rivaan Dalal — Vivekananda House

Grade 3A
First position Reid Amrit Kaikini — Kalidasa House
Second position Yashvvi Bagrodia — Aryabhatta House
Third position Gayatri Jatia — Chanakya House

Grade 3B
First position Saveer Solanki — Kalidasa House
Second position Asha Kaikini — Kalidasa House
Third position Aarushi Jhaveri — Chanakya House

Grade 4A
First position Ishaan Makharia — Chanakya House
Second position Vivaan Shetty — Kalidasa House
Third position Suhaan Mobhani — Aryabhatta House

Grade 4B
First position Veer Kanani — Kalidasa House
Second position Annika Shah — Vivekananda House

Grade 5A
First position Hrishab Shah — Vivekananda House
Second position Aarnav Mehta — Chanakya House
Third position Aimaan Zakaria — Chanakya House

Grade 5B
First position Parignya Sanghvi — Aryabhatta House
Second position Aadit Shah — Aryabhatta House
Third position Ryshaan Shah — Kalidasa House