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Inter house dance competition - Seniors

ABWA students showcased their limber movements on the dance floor at the Annual Inter House Dance Competition 2015-16 with great verve and enthusiasm. The competition, which was open to students from grades 6-12, was held on Thursday, 21st January 2015, in the school auditorium from 2.40 to 3.40pm after school.

The students performed in groups and pairs as well as individually. They put up energetic performances, and the audience was riveted. With each new performance they were introduced to new styles, from Bharatnatyam and Kathak to Jazz, Hip hop and Tap. Our esteemed judges Mr Sudhir Pawar and Ms. Tejaswini Chavan acknowledged that we have quite a talented bunch of students. The students had choreographed their performances themselves and their hard work and dedication shone through. It was an hour spent in the auditorium that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The winners were announced the next week and to their great excitement, the Kalidasa house was the winner of this event.

Report by: Gayatri Lobo Gajiwala