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Inter-house Debate

An inter-house debate competition was organized for the senior school on 10 March 2016. There were two teams comprising of two houses each. The Proposition consisted of the Vivekananda and Kalidasa house whereas the opposition consisted of Aryabhatta and Chanakya house. The topic for the debate was "Social media is a plague of the 21st century".

The competition was adjudged by Mrs. Radhika Sinha and Ms. Mitali Mall and moderated by Ms Jyotsna Morris. It was highly evident that the teams had put their head and heart into the competition to prove their point.The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and body language. Both the teams exhibited great oratory skills and finally the two teams that were declared winners were Aryabhatta and Chanakya. Amber Dave from the Chanakya house was adjudged the best speaker.

Report by: Storm Butti-9