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Inter house Hindi and English Extempore ​

The pros and cons of gender specific school unifroms, junk food and zoos; these ideas were dissected, discussed and delivered to the audience of secondary school students in the Inter-House English Hindi Extempore competition. The Hindi topics were: Bin maangi salah dena, Bharatiyonka priya shouk, Facebook pe chitra daalna logonka anutha shouk, Door ke dhol suhavane hote hain. Conducted in English and Hindi, participants showed their flair with the mike and flow with words and the language. The students were given an hour to prepare for their topics. They then spoke on the topic for two minutes. The judges for the event were Mr Peshotan Kapadia and Mr Vivek Singh decided the winners of the event on the basis of content, language, organization of ideas and presentation skills. While both are poets, Mr Peshotan Kapadia is also an entrepreneur. He took this opportunity to regale the students with a poem in Hindi, which was immensely appreciated by the audience. Mr Vivek Singh gave advice to students on body language, mike techniques, run through of content and time management. The winners of the competition were announced on Tuesday, 20th Oct 2015 after computing the points. Kalidasa house declared as the winner of the competition with 844 points.

Report by: Jyotsna Morris