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Inter House Solo Singing Competition

The inter-house singing competition held on Thursday, 24th November 2016 saw a smashing line-up of singers with oodles of talent and a have-it-flaunt-it attitude. And it wasn’t just the older students who wowed the audience of senior school students and teachers with their singing chops. An enviable bevy of talent was presented by students from grades 6 and 7 too!

The judges – Mr. Gerald Haliburton, and Mr. James Manasseh- were mighty impressed by all the participants. They also had some very practical advice to give. “Be yourself. Do not try to be someone you’re not. Your own voice should be your identity,” said Mr. Haliburton. Wise words, indeed!

There were winners from each of the three categories –

Places Grades 6 -7 Grades 8-9 Grades 10-12
1st place Sukrit Mukherjee Arushi Narayanan Urvi Binjrajka
2nd place Ira Kulkarni Mitika Agarwal Anoushka Shah
3rd place Tanay Kanugo Ishika Bhuskute Aditi Raman


Overall, Kalidasa house stood first in this competition, followed by Aryabhatta in the second place, and Chanakya standing in third place.

With challenging numbers like Fallin’, Read All About It, and Crazy, it was definitely a tough competition to judge. We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did!

Report by: Shruti Pandit