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Jrs. Annual Concert 2016-17

This year the Annual Day was Created and Directed by Sahil Jaffrey who has been working with the Children of Aditya Birla World Academy for many years and so, puts on Shows that help develop our young Learners from Classroom Students to Professional Performers on Stage. 

The Pre Primary Play was designed to educate our littlest of Learners on travel and how it has always been used to bring the world closer together.

The Lower Kindergarten Play showed the travels of Christopher Columbus in trying to reach India and what happens once he encounters the natives of his destination. The actors’ first brush with dialogue delivery is complimented by LIVE singing on stage, which give their skit a true Broadway feel. The firsts for them doesn't stop there. They mime as well and conversations soon become fluent with sign language thrown in for good measure. The Apache dance by the students was another new form of dance they learnt apart from the contemporary styles taught in School. Costumes to show the European Explorers were designed keeping that era in mind as well as with those of the Native Americans.

The Higher Kindergarten Play showed the arrival of Vasco Da Gama in Goa. Here the actors welcomed the European Explorers with traditional Goan customs. A Folk Dance too was displayed by students who turned into local Goan fishermen and women of the coast, complete with traditional Goan costumes. This kind of Folk dance is a first for our children on a professional stage and is further complimented by a traditional Goan Folk Song sung by the students LIVE on stage themselves.

Both these Acts are designed completely in-house with props, set design, costume design, songs, dances and story.

For the Primary Play the Students were dived into the depths of Storytelling.

The plot took place in a fictitious land called Zorbia. A land so beautiful that one would think God himself lived there. A land of abundant natural beauty. A land blessed with tradition and yet embracing modernity. A land where people of different tribes and backgrounds co-existed for centuries. A land of plenty. But the plot thickened when one of its tribes took over the government and then created havoc for the other tribes of the land, even displacing them and driving them out of their homes. The climax was a brilliant coming-together of all the people who galvanise the nation to bring about change in a peaceful way.

What a beautiful way to educate and enlighten our young ones. Through the medium of Art and Theatre, ABWA is changing the course of our future, one Annual Day at a time! Oh, did we forget to mention that the Student's artworks which were painted by them in School were displayed on large canvases placed on easels? And that made up the decor for one of the scenes in the Play to depict an Art Gallery. 

The music was performed LIVE on stage by the Students, who sang its lyrics that were penned in-house, in true Broadway fashion. While the dances too were designed using a mix of hip-hop and krumping styles, it was a dance form our young Learners had never tried before. That, along with all the designs for the costumes and props were made in-house, to make this mammoth production, truly our very own.

All in All, the bar that ABWA keeps raising year-after-year in Original Works, just shows that the Sky might not only be the limit after all...