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Junior School Annual Awards 2014-2015

The Aditya Birla World Academy organised its Junior School Annual Awards Day for the Year 2014-2015 at the Ravindra Natya Mandir on Friday the 14th of August.

The ceremony was a Double-Celebration for all those present, as not only were the Student's Parents there to witness their children's achievements, but the Grandparents were also in attendance, to celebrate their joy.

This was the first time in the School's history, where two large events were brought together so that the whole family could get an opportunity to witness their little one's BIG moment. For what better way is there, to celebrate a momentous occasion such as this, when the whole family comes together as one!

The Annual Awards Day was inaugurated by the traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony, which was swiftly followed by, a welcome note by the Junior School Head and the yearly report by the Principal. The Learners of Junior School, enthralled the audience with a few performances that showcased the various Co-Curricular Activities that the children dedicated in honour of their Nana Nanis and Dada Dadis. These ranged from Western Singing Ballads to Indian Classical Pieces, as well as a Gymnastic Sequence coupled with both Indian and Western Dance performances. Students of Grade 5 showcased their talents with a few Stand-Up Comedy Scenes.

The Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to every child of the Junior School for outshining in some of life's-most meaningful and significant attributes.

The Chairperson Mrs. Neerja Birla addressed the Parents and Grandparents by highlighting the School's achievements in the Year gone by and presented the plan forward.