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Kala Ghoda Festival

‘IRMAD’ has done it this time. The 2017 installation ABWA, which means the light of lightning bagged the first prize from among twenty six competing schools from different parts of Mumbai in the prestigious Kala Ghoda Festival.

The topic- “If Wishes Were Horses…
                    Let your imaginary horses run wild!

— gave us wings. So the 5X7 feet base size was our launching pad. Touching the instruction about mediums- “as much as recycled as possible we literally gathered our fine foals and fillies” and embarked in our flight of fancy.

What a flight it has been! Irmad is the result of that flight, that fancy.

Aditya Birla World Academy once again proudly presented an explosion of the fusion of ideas, traditional belief, culture, perspective, faith and art.

The materials used reflected the ethos mentioned above. Recycled materials like wasted carton boxes, electronic wastage, iron pieces and old tetra packs had been used to create this art piece. The style though mainly based on Lego was a blend between Lego and folk art of the world.

The theme has been borrowed freely from myths and legends of different cultures across the world. Inspired by the myth of The Seven Horses of the Sun, our students had created horses of different types, tastes and art to create the six plus one- The Seventh Dimension. Hence, the title ‘IRMAD’;

‘IRMAD’ is a word which has distinct Arabic flavour but in reality belongs to Sanskrit. It means ‘The Light of Lightning’. If we fuse our modern understanding, then we will realize that the Light of Lighting is even faster than ‘Arion’- The fastest horse of Greek mythology.

Students of
Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai.