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Language Week Celebration

Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

From  7th to 11th September 2015, Aditya Birla World Academy celebrated language week.
The students participated in a variety of activities, ranging from Bingo to a bookmark contest which equipped students to learn interesting facts about the origin of languages. We enhanced our palettes by experimenting with different food items from Spain, France and India. The students were much amused by the cinema of different cultures and celebrated being multilingual by writing film reviews of the movies they watched. We even created games, this helped us to learn about different countries in a fun way.

The class swap was widely appreciated as it helped us gain an insight into the languages that we weren’t particularly studying. For instance, the French and Spanish students learnt about epics such as the Mahabharat. The objective of this was to inculcate moral values in the students. The Hindi students learnt about Spanish and French culture through a virtual tour of Barcelona and Paris.  We even played traditional games, held quizzes, participated in JAM (just a minute), DEAR (drop everything and read) and even made comic strips.

The highlight of the week was the cultural show conducted by the students of each language. It included dances, songs and presentations. We celebrated French and Spanish music and solved riddles in Hindi.  We even had a presentation on facts about Spain and the Dying Arts and Games of India. The Hindi students even presented an advertisement about the school and it portrayed all the values that our institution stands for.

The language week was a great success. We didn’t only learn more about other cultures but learnt the importance of appreciating our own roots.

Report by:
Aanshi Gupta, Aashay Parikh, Shyam Merchant, Kabir Botawala, Amber Dave
Grade 11 Students