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Special Educational Needs
It is a known fact that every child has the ability to learn but learning becomes most effective and enjoyable when it happens at the child's individual pace. Keeping in mind that every child is special in his or her own way, the school has a Special Educational Needs (SEN) team.

The SEN team has trained and competent special educators who observe children and interact with the teachers on a regular basis. They identify special needs of students and recommend appropriate measures towards an effort to integrate the special child in the mainstream.

In addition, extension activities are provided to students (of pre-primary and primary) who are academically advanced. These activities are carried out by the class teachers in the classroom.


Differential learning
Keeping with the school motto of helping students to learn, achieve and inspire, the ABWA Counselling Department strives to support an all-round development of the students. At Aditya Birla World Academy, the emotional well being of students is of utmost importance. Our School Counselling Programme is therefore, available to each and every student. It is both preventive as well as responsive. Our goal is to promote a commitment to lifelong learning, personal and academic growth and to aid students in becoming responsible, culturally aware and productive members of the society. The school counsellors work in partnership with parents, teachers and the school administration to help facilitate holistic development of all the school students.

We do this through individual and group counselling sessions with students, circle time, class discussions, parental counselling, family sessions or workshops and activities. Our counselling team comprises a Child/Adult Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists.