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Math League: Infinity 2016

On the 19th of January 2016, Aditya Birla World Academy hosted a national level math league, called 'Infinity', which had 12 best schools from Mumbai and 4 reputed schools from other cities participating in it. This annual Inter-School Mathematics League was in collaboration with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani.

The league was unlike any other, as it consisted of a lexicon of challenges thrown at the participants, ranging from an individual ‘Clash of the mathematicians’ round, to the ‘Enigma’ team research round. For the Enigma module, every participating school selected a mathematical topic of their choice that related to the statement, “With me everything turns into Mathematics”- Rene Descartes.

It was fascinating to see students delve far deeper into math than a 1000 page text book would ever allow! The research round made the participants question the validity of their pre-existing mathematical knowledge, by explaining complex mathematical ideas. The judges for the league were two professors from BITS Pilani and one from University of California Los Angeles, who brought their immense knowledge to the table. They asked the teams very pertinent questions, whose answers proved the depth of the participant’s research. There was also a very heated quiz round “QUIZZITCH”, which tested the speed and accuracy of the team members. This was conducted by an alumnus of Georgia Tech, USA. Moreover the team leaders enjoyed talk by an emeritus professor of IIT Mumbai, who took them beyond Infinity.

Syed Muztaba Ali from La martinere Boys School Kolkata and Krish Vaswani from B.D. Somani International School were announced Mathematicians of the Year-2016. Oakridge International School Hyderabad were the winners of Math Challengers-Team Round followed by La Martinere Boys School Kolkata as the runners up. Showmik Chowdhury of Aditya Birla World Academy had the best research work done and answered every possible question that was asked by the panelists. He was the winner in Enigma. The ultimate quizzers and fast mathematicians were the Kolkata boys and they were the winners in Quizzitch. The champion trophy was also taken by them.

This competition motivated both teachers and students to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics with emphasis on developing high-order thinking skills. Everyone's knowledge increased exponentially, and the learning was infinite. This math league managed to rekindle people's interest in the subject and sparked a new love for math in those who didn't love it already.

Event Winners School
Math Challengers

CHAMPIONS: La Martinere Boys’ School, Kolkata