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Guest speaker- Micro-finance by
Ms. An​​anyashree Birla ​

Micro look at Micro Finance

Today we were given a great opportunity to learn about what exactly Microfinance is. I believe that is a beautiful concept that needs to be given more importance than it currently has. Ms. Ananyashree Birla came to our school and told us about her journey and how Svatantra was formed.

We’ve learned the theory and how to start a business, but to see someone actually start from scratch is extremely important to understand how these theories are implemented and used in a profitable manner. I think that through this talk, we were able to understand how difficult it is for anyone living in rural India, to obtain a loan. This went to show us how important Microfinance firms are, as they give the people of rural areas the opportunity to earn a better living and provide for their family.

We further saw how by granting a small loan of Rs.10, 000 and helping a family to earn a living, a microfinance company is in turn helping 3 other stakeholders. The vendor, the market and the microfinance company itself. Now if the same concept is further developed, and many more people in rural areas are able to get this ticket of Rs.10, 000, then the number of happier and healthier homes will only increase. This is an example of how the multiplier effect can have a great impact on a macro level and how important it is for the rural areas to have some form of economic activity. The people in rural villages take up simple jobs such as tailoring or having a cattle farm, but at least now they are able to earn themselves a sustainable living.

This session also really helped us understand what is important in making any business successful and that if you’re passionate about something, if you see a problem in society, you should find a solution and make a difference in your own way. It was a great talk and an opportunity for us to learn about an amazing idea. I really look forward to attending more talks of the type as this was different from the others, and kept all of us interested until the very end.

Prachi Agarwal ( Gr 12 IB)