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Mother Tongue day - Secondary

Grade 6: The French and Spanish students gathered together to immerse themselves in their mother tongues through a range of activties. The session began with the students writing their favourite word in their mother tongue on a chit of paper and pinning it to their sleeves as a conversation starter for the rest of the day.
The students then watched a song by a mute person in sign language and we discussed what the message of the song was, a few common signs and the students had to invent a sign to describe their friends (based on their most prominent feature).

Finally, the students interacted with our guest speaker for the day, Ms. Priji Anant, who spoke to the students in Marathi, Hindi and Malyalam about her experiences learning so many languages. Ms. Shruti, Ms. Mana and Ms. Mahroz facilitated the entire session in Gujrati and Hindi only.

Grade 8: All the grade 8 students gathered in the AV Room to interact with our guest speaker Ms. Carrie Udeshi on her experience moving from the US, a country where English is the mother tongue, to India where she was surrounded by people speaking multiple languages. She shared numerous insights into how languages can be learnt easily, how culture affects lanaguage including different forms of non-verbal communications, etc.

Following this, the grade 9 Global Perspective students joined us to present details on their recently concluded project on the Gujrat-based NGO, Bhaasha, that strives to preserve and document numerous tribal languages, as well as helps tribal children to overcome learning difficulties arising from their inability to speak Gujrati.