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Project day 2017

Under the overarching theme of ‘Museum of Innovation’, the ABWA project day put up a grand showcase of their student works which was open to parents, NGOs, and other schools. We had JB Petit School, Bombay International School, The Aditya Birla Integrated School and Akanksha visit us on the project day.

The morning of November 1st and 2nd, 2017 saw all learners of ABWA from LKG to Grade 8 enthusiastically waiting behind their exhibits to welcome visitors. 

Junior School:
The young minds of ABWA, especially Grades LKG to 5 dazzled the audience with their exhibits and confidence.  Every floor in the primary school came alive with brilliant decorations that brought out the themes they were projecting. Entering each classroom was like entering a world splashed with colour, models, charts and installations behind which, lively little learners, in their costumes presented their exhibits.

LKG presented ‘Jobs People Do’ where the students highlighted the roles and responsibilities of people from different walks of life such as circus performers, chefs, astronauts, horticulturalists, etc. The clowns in the circus act left every visitor in splits. The astronauts danced gracefully while demonstrating the importance of their roles. The horticulturalists spoke about the significance of plants and finally the little chefs excitedly shared their chips and dips with the guests. Every LKG student performed to the best of their ability leaving the audience spellbound.

HKG worked on ‘My Senses and I’ where the students shared in detail the various aspects of the five senses. This was exhibited through impressive models, colourful charts, interactive games and activities. The highlight of the show was students sharing fun facts on senses of various animals. The portfolio activities created by students added to the beauty of the class display. 

Grade 1 students showcased a gallery predicting the future of forests bringing the attention of the world to the current need of the hour, a green world. Their exhibits included creatively recycled products and green schemes urging the new generation for action to save the world.

Grade 2 students truly outdid themselves for their age through their dance performance accompanied by music and stunning costumes. Their choreography was aimed at bringing out the importance of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ in order to have a sustainable future.

Grade 3 students showcased their innovation through science, arts, dance and various other methods highlighting the inventions and discoveries of the past, present and future. Their models, installations, charts reflected original thinking and their dance was eye-catching.

Grade 4 presented their exhibits based on Life Processes in Plants and Animals wherein they had a variety of exhibits ranging from a Doctor’s clinic to a BMI calculator and many detailed 3D cell models explaining the fundamentals of biological processes. They also demonstrated experiments related to photosynthesis, conduction of fluids in plants, respiration, life cycles, etc. which were well received by the audience.

Grade 5 predicted the submergence of Mumbai and conceptualized the emergence of a new civilization in the Antarctic. They stunned the audience with their innovative thinking taking the audience through a series of predictions of what life would look like in the Antarctic. ‘Frostopia’ as they named it, is a modernized ice desert, a civilization which was represented in colours of the arctic region.

The Junior school’s project day depictions emphasized the need for a new world which is renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable for the future generations to live happily.