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Naviance Preview ​

Orientation session conducted by Ms. Shellie Gazdik – Senior Eexcutive HOBSONS for Students of Grade 11th both IBDP and A Level.

Ms. Gazdik and gave an engaging presentation on Naviance by Hobsons that offers a comprehensive college and career readiness solution and helps students define post-secondary goals and develop individualized plans for reaching them.

She went through the Naviance package in brief and also the educational consulting services provided to help with the technical implementation of products and training. She explained how to get the most out of the products and support services of Naviance.

Parents and students attended this session in large number. The event ended after an interactive session with Ms. Gazdik. All the queries of parent and students were promptly answered by Ms. Gazdik and Sonia. It was an enlightening, inspiring and a house-full session hosted by Dr. Sonia Soni.