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Cacaphony (ECA) live recording done by students at Nirvana Studio

The ECA – Cacaphony students were taken to  to Nirvana Studiofor a live recording session, which  was both informative and exciting for the students.
The student got a first hand view of the requirements to do a professional recording. The students were taken on a tour of the studio together with a rundown of the equipment used during the recording.
The students also got an opportunity to record their own voices.

Students present:

  1. Arham Talati
  2. Aryan Desai
  3. Ishika Buskute
  4. Bhavi Kanungo
  5. Barkha Seth
  6. Arushi Narayanan
  7. Ayesheh Jasdanwala
  8. Vishaka Shahudent council

Report by: Marc Anthony