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Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 2

Necessary Needs and Wishful Wants

The learners of grade 2 carried out an in-depth, collaborative project on the Theme ‘Needs and Wants’.
Money is a scarce resource that is to be used wisely on deciding between a need and a want. Knowing when to spend and when to save is therefore important. The learners were able to communicate their core learning which was: When trying to figure out a need vs. a want: think about what things are necessary for day-to-day existence.

The learners exhibited their learning and research conducted through models, role play, interactive games, song, dance and yoga. Furthermore, it provided a platform for the learners to display their skills and attributes.

The ‘Project Day’ display was the best way to measure learning as it put the learners right in the midst of their learning.