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Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 3

Grade 3 A Project Day theme was Circle of Life and our class topic was Uses of Plants in everyday life. Students researched on uses of plants in the field of food, medicines (aurvedic and homeopathic), perfumes & oils, festivals & decorations, stationery & accessories, furniture and maintaining ecological balance. To showcase their understanding of the topic, students independently made informative charts and models. The Project Day was the culmination of the combined efforts put in by the students and the teachers.

Altogether it was a great learning experience for the students as well as the teachers.

Grade 3 B took ‘Seed Dispersal’ and ‘Pollination’ as their theme for the Project Day. Students conducted experiments, made models and collected different materials to consolidate their learning on ways of seed dispersal and agents of pollination. As a part of extension, few students researched on Meiosis, Ph level of soil, presence of starch in a leaf and production of oxygen during photosynthesis. They did an extensive individual research on the topics assigned to them. Their contribution in class display reflected their aesthetic sense. The Project Day ended as students’ collaborative and experiential learning.