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Rally with Becker

10th December 2015
Y.B Chavan Auditorium

Boris Becker graced us with his personality on the 10th of December at the Y B Chavan Auditorium. His phenomenal accolade of winning the Wimbledon Championship at the age of 17 is yet to be beaten. As a tennis player who won five Grand Slam championships among his 49 career singles titles, is what we look up to. He is know as Nirvana on court, and ruled the arena for a long time, as a player, and now as a coach.

Our eager students interacted with Mr. Becker on more specific details such as his favourite car or his favourite sport besides tennis. Others, willing to take a professional point of view from Mr. Becker, asked about his coaching life and how he manages his World No. 1 student, Novak Djokovic. Mr. Becker answered every question with wit and humour and his perspective on certain topics had an edge that none of us expected.

The strong, six foot German did not reveal his true character till he spoke to us and when he did, he left us all falling off our seats in laughter .But by the end of this interaction, there were many stories beyond this success that our students will remember when we think "Boris Becker", and when we remember the legend.