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Science Day Celebration

We, at ABWA celebrated Science Day, the first of its kind, on February24th, 2016. The event was led completely by the students of secondary school. They participated in the event with a lot of fervor and zeal. Students displayed their knowledge in science through displays, models and experiments. Some students gave interesting and insightful talk about next generation technology, extinction of species and our role in it, the sustainability of our world and the science behind kundalini chakras, to name a few.'

Students also described the five elements in nature through a fusion of contemporary and classical dance forms which left the audience enthralled. There was also a skit on save environment presented by our young and enthusiastic students of grades 6 and 8. They presented the mythological story of slaying of Bakasura but gave it a twist by showing that Bakasura represented all the ways in which our world is harmed and thereby gave the audience entertainment as well as some food for thought.

Dr. Arnab from TIFR had a talk with the students wherein he gave an insight to the research that he was involved with and also the world of research in general. His talk was very stimulating, touching upon ethics and importance of technology in the field of research. There was also an informative talk by Mr. Soli Kapadia on music therapy.

The day ended on a high note with students expressing their desire to participate in the event in the next year and already thinking about topics that they would present on the next Science day.