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Social Science Quiz( SSQ) 2016

The quiz show was organized by the social science club on Thursday, March 03, 2016 in school auditorium. The students of grades 6 – 9 and IB 11 were present with staff members. There were four teams  chosen from grades 8, 9 and 11. The main objective of the  quiz was to  expand the participants breadth of knowledge in various areas like finance, banking, stock market, advertising, international trade, globalization, exchange rate, etc. Teams were names as Land, Labour, Capital and Enterprise. There were main five rounds like go  easy, multiple choice questions, dumb charades, abbreviations and rapid  fire round.

Apart from academic knowledge, the quiz also helped participants communication and  language development, team building process, healthy debate and discussion, and making new friends from different grades.

Aanshi Gupta, the head girl of the school welcomed the audience. The social science faculty hosted the show. The winning team , ‘Capital’ lead by Shyam Merchant of grade 11 was declared as the most inspiring the team. Mrs Sinha, the principal of the school honoured the winning team. The event came to an end with singing school song.

Report by: Social Science Club members