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TABIS ABWA Cultural Exchange 2016-2017

On the 9th December, the students of ABWA visited the students of TABIS at their school. The TABIS students had put up a lively performance, to share with the ABWA children, a little bit about their view of the world and also to provide entertainment.

The performance begun with a video, to educate the audience on the amount of effort and determination that the children of TABIS have known that ‘no-one is perfect’.

Next, a few singers performed three songs ‘ Bare Necessities’, ‘ Heal the World’, ‘Sing a Song’. These made their audience think of the world in a completely different way. They then treated the audience to a play, written by one of ABWA’s own students; Vraj Photographer; called ‘The Darkly Forest’; performed by the 11th graders. To end it all, students performed a Jazzy dance that got everyone in the audience on their feet.

In return for their amazing hospitality to the students of TABIS, ABWA invited TABIS to their school, by putting up a show for TABIS, on the 12th December.

The junior school entertained with a graceful Indian dance performance, followed by a delicately performed western dance by the seniors. We also set up an Indian western music performance, which echoed through the auditorium. After that there were skits which inspired the crowd, to ‘speak up’ and to ‘stop bullying’.

Once the performances in the auditorium had ended, the TABIS students scurried out, to explore the Math, Science and Art workshops, that the students of ABWA had set up for them. As they tried interesting experiments, games and craft, they learnt many new things. It wasn’t only the TABIS students who learnt from this experience. The entire effort of setting up, and preparing was a learning for everyone. It was an enriching experience for all.